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Mini Volley Clinics (Ages 8-10yrs)  Volleyball

Fall 2022
Aug 10 ’22
Sep 28 ’22
MAC Sports

MiniVolley is designed to be a developmental volleyball program for girls in 2nd-4th grade. Coach Vini Petrunko will be leading these sessions.

What is MiniVolley? A version of volleyball played with fewer players per team than the standard number of six in a smaller court and a lower netAs it very name indicates, "volleyball of the little ones" and in essence, MiniVolley is a simplified volleyball adapted to the capacities and needs of youth ages 10-13, and younger.

Why MiniVolley?

-Have more touches of the ball-the critical component in skill development.

-Have more hits and score more points.

-Develop into all-around skilled players with a diversified skill set.

-Have more incentive to play the game correctly-pass, set, hit.

-Have more involvement in the game.

-More involvement means more enjoyment through playing volleyball.

Learn more about MiniVolley here: WHY MINIVOLLEY? | MiniVolley (

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